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Moorestown Children's School was founded in 1967 by passionate elementary school educator, Joan Maloney. Her motivation was a deep belief that children could achieve great things when they were challenged, nurtured, immersed in rich experiences, allowed to be creative, active, and above all else - free to be themselves.

The Farm
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"In addition to regular contact with nature, one of the best ways to foster empathy during early childhood is to cultivate children's relationships with animals." - Randy White

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Phone #: 609-330-3024
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At Moorestown Children's School, we believe in children's innate ability to acquire a tremendous amount of knowledge in a rich, nurturing, playful environment.

Infants & Toddlers

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Moorestown Children's School endeavors to optimize opportunities for child development in an engaging, hands on, language-enriched, authentic environment. At the foundation of Moorestown Children's School's philosophy is appreciation and respect for the dignity of each child and for his or her unique gifts.


Moorestown Children's School

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Moorestown Children's School is an innovative school and child care center serving Early Childhood through Early Elementary children. We are passionately dedicated to providing an authentic, comprehensive, secular education while preserving the joy and freedom of childhood.

This Photo: Returning from a nature walk. We maintain our own nature trails, meadow, stream and woods.