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Moorestown Children's School was founded in 1967 by passionate elementary school educator, Joan Maloney. Her motivation was a deep belief that children could achieve great things when they were challenged, nurtured, immersed in rich experiences, allowed to be creative, active, and above all else - free to be themselves.

The Farm
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"In addition to regular contact with nature, one of the best ways to foster empathy during early childhood is to cultivate children's relationships with animals." - Randy White

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Phone #: 609-330-3024
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At Moorestown Children's School, we believe in children's innate ability to acquire a tremendous amount of knowledge in a rich, nurturing, playful environment.

Infants & Toddlers

& Kindergarten

& School Aged Children
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Moorestown Children's School endeavors to optimize opportunities for child development in an engaging, hands on, language-enriched, authentic environment. At the foundation of Moorestown Children's School's philosophy is appreciation and respect for the dignity of each child and for his or her unique gifts.


Infants and Toddlers

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What is Essential? The richest environment, indoors and outdoors, preferably in nature. Experiences matched to the child's neurological development. People who care.


Young Infants

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Babies are cherished at Moorestown Children’s School. We reserve a small number of spaces each season for the littlest members of our community. Whether in a caregiver’s arms or tucked in the lap of a teacher at Circle Time, babies are a part of our school, yet each has their own rhythm and pace. Babies each have their own schedules for sleeping, feeding, rocking and changes. We’ve taken care to make flexible spaces for the many stages of mobility. We find the balance between safety and room to explore. We take only a few babies each year. As they grow, we will add a child or two as the group approaches toddlerhood. A positive and responsive environment is primary to a child’s well being. At Moorestown Children’s School, young children eat, rest, are diapered and become independent on their own schedule. Taking our cue from the children enrolled, we develop a rhythm that includes everyone and accommodates change as children grow. Visiting between age groups allows children to find their peer group and favorite activities.

Nursing moms welcome!
Cloth diapers and disposables accepted.

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Toddlers and Twos

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We embrace the youngest child’s mercurial attention span and need for movement. The rhythm of the day is set by predictable transitions, and an openness to the serendipity of discovery.

We fill the day with opportunities to freely play, indoors and outside, to explore materials and art, and
join together for snacks, lunch and Circles. We gather together in several brief Circle Times, to introduce an opportunity, and to share songs, finger-plays, poems and stories, movement and dance. Soon, we are moving again! Children don’t have to be seated to listen or learn! Even those who seem to never stop moving are part of the fun, and will join as the activities attract their curiosity .

Our environment, indoors and outdoors, calls out to be explored, touched, observed, manipulated, questioned, discussed and documented. It offers opportunities to teachers to nurture each child's learning at the moment of discovery. The quality of the "language environment" matters, too! Children draw their knowledge of words and numbers, their usage and meaning, and social interaction, from hearing, observing and participating while engaging things are happening. Exposure to clear communication and a rich world of vocabulary nurtures a child's building of "broad knowledge," future learning and well-being.Your child's teacher is consciously creating this fertile, accurate language environment from the infant group to early elementary ages, because we understand that these are the underpinnings of literacy, numeracy and communication. We do not expect to see the fruit of this effort right now! We are more interested in cultivating the child's engagement in experiences, and gathering of information through all of the senses, rather than their performance at "right answers."

Nursing moms welcome!
Cloth diapers and disposables accepted.